Episode 2 – To Everything, There Is A Season

We’re back quickly with Episode 2 of Pacers Parlance, talking with Tim Donahue of Eight Points, Nine Seconds.

Technical problems necessitated this conversation being split into two parts. Episode 2.1 focuses on the unfolding chaos that was the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers. Episode 2.2 centers on the Pacers, free agent targets and how the new CBA changed the long-term outlook for small market teams.

Again, apologies for the rough sound quality. I’m working hard to figure out a better system.

Episode 2.1 – Tim Donahue

Episode 2.2 – Tim Donahue

You can find more from Tim at EightPointsNineSeconds.com or on Twitter, @Toothpicksray.

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Episode 1 – An Experiment

Welcome to Pacers Parlance. This is an experiment in podcasting instigated by a love of the Indiana Pacers and interest in exploring new media. Recorded Wednesday night, Episode 1 is a lengthy conversation with Tom Lewis of Indy Cornrows. The discussion is all over the map, from Paul George picking up an extra inch, to Kevin Pritchard’s future with the team, to thinking about which player might define the Pacers for the next five years.

Apologies for the sound quality, the choppiness of our Google Voice connection, and my stammering awkwardness. Practice makes perfect, and this will get better.

Episode 1 – Tom Lewis

You can find more from Tom at Indy Cornrows and on Twitter, @IndyCornrows.

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